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1 week ago
To my beautiful girl Martita I love you bae.
2 weeks ago
I would like to dedicate New Kids on the Block: " Please Don't Go Girl" to my sweetheart Robert in the 775 I miss you and can't wait to see you this weekend,
To isabel
1 month ago
Tell her shes lovely The Chicano
3 months ago
To my baby Martha (My fantasy girl)
3 months ago
To CHEEKO, thank you for providing some great music..bless you! Can you play There must be a better way by Friday, Saturday, Sunday Gracias
Souldies Radio
4 months ago
Feel free to post your dedications, see at the top of the web page under the tab called "participate" look for dedications and thanks for listening to Souldies Radio
DJ Cerveza
4 months ago
Make sure you wave with all 5 fingers!
4 months ago
I love your station!
4 months ago
this station is da best
Rosie from the 530
6 years ago
I love this radio station!